Future of surveying

We know the challenges facing the built environment and the surveying profession – now it’s time to act.


We know the challenges facing the built environment and the surveying profession — now it’s time to tackle them.

For over 150 years, RICS has led our profession through change, enabling our members to take advantage of the opportunities and manage the risks it presents.

This change is now happening faster than ever, requiring us to think strategically about how we deploy our expertise and resource.

To continue to provide leadership, we are constantly assessing our role as a standard setter, regulator, educator and global professional body – to deliver confidence to governments, markets and the public.

RICS Futures is our action agenda to keep up in a changing world.

Download the Futures report to read RICS’ full agenda for effecting change and responding to the biggest issues facing the natural and built environments. Click Here to Download


As a global professional body, we need to respond to this challenge if we are going to ensure our members deliver confidence in the years ahead


Our core areas


Data and technology

Recent RICS research has emphasised the pace of technological change that is powering the digitisation of the built environment – through blockchain, digital twins and other platforms.

We are positioning ourselves as a hub with the credibility to bridge the gap between the tech sector and our profession.


Climate change image

Acknowledging the climate crisis is no longer enough — we need to act.

Beyond establishing the RICS Building Carbon database for building professionals and the World Built Environment Forum, we continue to look for other progressive and collaborative ways to affect positive change in the natural and built environment.

Talent and skills


An RICS professional qualifying in 2020 can expect a 40-50 year career. The change they are likely to encounter over this time will mean their ‘entry’ qualification may not provide all the skills they will need to see them through the full trajectory of their career.

We are committed to reviewing and evaluating our education and qualifications framework to ensure they remain relevant – now, and in the future.

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