6 key health and social care webinars

The rise of a global pandemic has necessitated a transformation in Health and social care. New digital tools, technologies and approaches are enabling professionals to meet the rising demand for care and the public’s changing expectations about how health and social care are delivered in the community.

While COVID-19 has placed a huge pressure on the NHS and on social care, six webinars recorded over the lockdown period has shown how healthcare has embraced significant and all encompassing change – and triumphed with the new ways of working.

1. A new digital era in health and care

A short film delivered by Kelvyn Hipperson, CIO of the Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust explains how the organisation has adapted to the ‘new normal’ and why it’s essential to recognise #vITalworkers who have kept the world’s fifth largest employer, working. To see more about the BCS campaign, visit www.bcs.org/vitalworkers

2. Patient data and the importance of professionalism

While the global pandemic has strengthened the case to make patient data more readily available, is society right to fear data misuse?

Panellists: Andrew Griffiths: CEO, FEDIP – Federation of Informatics Professionals; Professor Terry Young: Co-founder of the Cumberland Initiative and Dr Natalie Banner: Understanding Patient Data Lead at the Wellcome Trust – facilitated by Brian Runciman MBCS: Head of Content and Insight at BCS.

3. How is COVID-19 changing NHS IT?

During an unprecedented time of uncertainty and change, we look at NHS pressure points, the role of IT professions and ask, just what are digital respirators?

Panellists: James Freed FBCS, CIO for Health Education England; Lisa Emery, CIO for the Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust and Stephen Slough, CIO of Dorset County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust discuss the new NHS digital landscape with Brian Runciman MBCS: Head of Content and Insight at BCS.

4. Will the rapid innovation of IT in the NHS outlast COVID-19?

In the face of great change and upheaval, necessity has driven many NHS services into the technical delivery of healthcare. While the changes have been lauded widely as a triumph, will the digital revolution continue beyond the global pandemic?

Panellists: Nicki Rayment (Head of IM&T at Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, Adrian Byrne CIO at University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust and Phillipa Winter, CIO of Bolton NHS Foundation Trust discuss the pace of change – with Adam Thilthorpe, Director of External Affairs for BCS.

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